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22 September 2020

PEA: The CBD alternative for athletes

CBD is everywhere at the moment, but certain people, such as elite athletes, can't take it due to the trace amounts of THC it still contains.

23 September 2020

Choosing supplements you can trust

Anti-Doping: There are a few simple steps the conscientious athlete can take to ensure that their supplements are competition safe.

23 September 2020

Recovering from injury: Nutrition tips

Dietary Advice: Sustaining an injury is difficult and frustrating for any athlete, and for many it is tempting to overindulge. This may not be ideal for rapid recovery

23 September 2020

12 nutrition tips: Debunking the myths

Dietary Advice: Common nutrition tips are sometimes just myths in disguise. Performance nutritionist Dan Martin sheds some light on whether they're fact or fiction

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