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Vitamin D3 1,000iu $24.99 - Essential support for immune system, muscles and bone health
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Hilo Bars
HiLo Protein Bars from $49.99 - Delicious 20g protein bar with low carbs and added vitamins
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Informed sport accredited
PEA: The CBD alternative for athletes
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Individually sealed
1st Informed Sport vegan omega 3
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Unbeatable quality
Expert Panel: Our sports nutrition researchers and practitioners
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Free delivery
Levagen+ sport - a Safe CBD alternative
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Pro50 Biotic contains 50 billion live bacteria, specifically selected to support competing athletes
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Ordering for a team? Apply for a club account to receive a trade discount and payments via invoice
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Expert Insights - Diet & Nutrition

Anti-Doping: LGC Sport is a world-renowned sports doping control laboratory, with over 50 years of experience in the field.
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CBD is everywhere at the moment, but certain people, such as elite athletes, can't take it due to the trace amounts of THC it still contains.
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Anti-Doping: There are a few simple steps the conscientious athlete can take to ensure that their supplements are competition safe.
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Anti-Doping: Healthspan Elite is committed to providing safe supplements for athletes, which is why every batch is thoroughly tested.
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